Book Reviewer Opportunities
Do you have a blog, are active on social media accounts or are you a member of the press?
We may have some opportunities coming up in the future that we'd like to share with book friendly bloggers who like the work of the author's we represent. In this case, you are signing up for written works by:

Nicholas A. Price

Please fill out this subscriber form if you'd like to know more about how you can become an authorized book reviewer and we can get to know more about wht kind of reviewer you are.

Benefits include:
Advance notification of new books PRIOR to the public announcements
Behind the scenes commentary by the author just for book reviewers
Exclusive interviews, Q&A for your blog/social media account/radio/press article
FREE Sample Chapters (normally between 1-3 chapters via email)
**FREE Review Copy of the paperback edition
**FREE download of the Review Version of the eBook 
And loads of other VIP and Exclusive only events and promos just for our book reviewers.

Our authors spend years perfecting their work for publication and are owed a Duty of Care by every person that has the privilege to review this work for the benefit of the public and in support of the author. To help us protect our author's copyright and creative endeavours we will insist on the following terms and conditions:
If selected as a reviewer, we require you to sign a confidentiality agreement for all books and to not release any details of future books, plots or scenarios, etc. not authorized or officially released by the author or his/her publisher, that you may become aware of during the course of confidential communications via mail, newsletters, and email notifications between you, the author and publisher.
For already published books, you will be asked to sign an agreement confirming that you are being provided the paperback/eBook for review purposes only and agree NOT to sell or redistribute the book or eBook for free or for-profit in any shape or form.
If you do not wish to keep your paperback review copy, you will have the option to return it by requesting our pre-paid mailing labels. All digital versions of the book must be destroyed if you do not wish to keep it for your personal use.

We want you to provide an honest review of our author's works, but request that you allow us to have an advance preview of your review at least 7 days PRIOR to publication. 

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about becoming a Book Reviewer.
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